Setting Information

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This section will hopefully provide our players with a rough idea of the game world, specifically the things that all characters will know IC. The parts in this primer will only briefly touch on the basics – for more detailed information please see the material available in the Athenaeum above – all of those IC documents are freely available to members of the Order of the Gryphon and can usually be found in hardcopy in Taverns.

The OC Information section is purely OC, designed to help a player see what has influenced parts of the setting, such as the cultural influences behind a given Dominion or what the Status skill gives you at each level depending on where that Status is applied.

The IC Information section is more aimed at a basic grounding in what a character may know about the setting, who the Gods are, that sort of thing.

OC Information:

OC Primer – Setting Overview

OC Primer – Organisations and Status

OC Primer – The Dominions


IC Information:

IC Primer – The Gods

IC Primer – The Dominions

IC Primer – The Elements

IC Primer – The Races

IC Primer – Recent History