The Grounded Wheel – Racial Hubs

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The Grounded Wheel – Racial Hubs

The Grounded Wheel is the most varied of the the three Wheels, in that it encompasses a wide range of skills from Alchemy to tracking, assassination aides to crafting – essentially, everything that doesn’t fit neatly into combat or magic can be found in the Grounded Wheel.

In addition, all of the racial tables are found in the Grounded Wheel. All of the Wheels have a single Hub which joins all the tables together. While Martial and Mystic have a universal Hub, for the Grounded Wheel each race has a specific Hub.

In this section will be found the seven Racial Hubs – for the Elemental Skills please see The Grounded Wheel – Skills.

In an effort to make the rules easier to navigate, there are two browsing options available here – broken down by Tier (thus giving you an overview across each level) and broken down by Element (thus providing you an idea of the skills assigned to each spoke of the Wheel.)

Also included for the sake of completeness are the Grounded Wheel Racial Hubs in their entirety for those who want to see the contrasts between the races. As in the Compiled Rules, they are split by Element and then by Tier.