Character Progression

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Making A Name:
Character Progression.

As a character completes missions and survives events, they are rewarded with more AP’s, which may be spent to improve and progress that character. There is no limit to the number of AP’s which may be spent at a time.

However, a character cannot simply save up 40 AP’s and then leap immediately to powerful Tier 4 abilities. Each Tier will unlock when a number of skills have been purchased on the Tier below it. This is also per Wheel – unlocking Mystic Tier 3 does not automatically also unlock Martial and Grounded Tier 3.

The number of AP’s which must be spent on a Tier to unlock the Tier above is set out below:

Tier 2 – 10 AP’s spent on Tier 1
Tier 3 – 18 AP’s spent on Tier 2
Tier 4 – 24 AP’s spent on Tier 3
Tier 5 – 24 AP’s spent on Tier 4