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A Knapsack Full Of Trouble:
Equipment and the Quartermaster

As an elite member of the Order of the Gryphon, the Crown itself ensures that you are fully equipped and ready to face any dangers that may come when working on a mission.

Money in the Shifting LRP is, really, an abstract concept. It is assumed that all characters are paid sufficient to maintain whatever lifestyle they choose (within reason, of course) and, as servants of the Crown, they do not get paid any extra for the successful completion of a mission.


All characters receive 6 picks from the Starting Equipment list, found below. These options are locked in after the first time they are played, and it is assumed that they will always be issued with that loadout at the start of every mission and tavern evening. A character can change this starting loadout as they progress, but this must be done via consultation with a Ref.

As all goods are provided by the Order Quartermaster, and broken, damaged, lost or discarded items are repaired or replaced at the start of the next mission or tavern evening, so you don’t need to worry if you get caught in a Shatterstorm and your precious plate armour is reduced to dust.

Characters may receive additional or advanced equipment above and beyond what is on this list – however, these are purchased via the appropriate skills, located in the Grounded Hub.

The Quartermaster:

The Quartermaster of the Order of the Gryphon is a surly old bugger, and somewhat obsessive that people only get what they’re given. What this means in game terms is that a character may only use their own equipment on a mission unless something serious happens. If you are playing a timid scholar who refuses to use weapons or armour, you may not then use your own starting equipment picks to provide your friend with aaaaaall the spare swords.

While circumstances may arise on a mission that requires a character to borrow a weapon off another, that should be the exception, rather than the rule. Failure to comply with this will result in IC sanctions and consequences.

But what about the loot?

A character may well find some sweet loot while on a mission – a masterwork Sword, a suit of platemail, a brace of duelling pistols, and so on. While a character may continue to use these for the remainder of the mission, after the mission ends, they must all be turned over to the Quartermaster, and may not be retained by that character.

The only way around this is by purchase of the Additional, Advanced, and Upgraded Equipment skills, located in the Grounded Hub. While a character may attempt to circumvent this, there will be serious IC consequences if they are caught doing so.

The Equipment List:

This is currently an exhaustive list of what a character may start play with. However, if requested, additional items may be added to this. Please note, this list only encompasses those items with a mechanical IC use – your character may have as many pretty rocks, harmonicas and bags of candy as you can phys rep.

As stated, a character has 6 picks from this list to start out. Items marked with * cost two picks.

One single-handed bladed weapon
One single-handed hafted weapon
Two daggers
One double-handed melee weapon*
A bow or crossbow*
A quiver of arrows or bolts (sufficient to last the entire mission)
A brace of five throwing knives
15 bandages
A full suit of Light Armour
A full suit of Medium Armour*
A small shield
A large shield*
Alchemical Supplies
Mystical Focus.
Brass Spyglass
Clockwork Pocketwatch*
One Extended Duration Healing Poultice I
One Extended Duration dose of Gripsilk
Three shots of Firedust

Unusual Items:


Bandages may also be used on a mission. While bandages will not heal any actual damage unless the character applying them has the First Aid skill, a bandage will immediately stop any BLEED effects. A bandage may only be used once. If it is removed before the injury is healed, the BLEEDING will immediately recommence.

Alchemical Supplies:

This is a catch-all term to describe the bottles, unguents and components required to use the Alchemy skill.

Mystical Focus:

The art and skill of channelling magic is dangerous to the mortal form. To this end, those who cast spells do so via a mystical focus. This can be any item, but it is usually very personal and specific to the character. It does not need to be brandished or wielded, but must be on the characters person in order for them to be able to cast spells. A character may have more than one Mystical Focus by taking this pick multiple times.

Brass Spyglass

A somewhat rare and prestige item, this allows you to see things at a distance with more clarity. In addition to this, it also allows you to use the Perceptive suite of skills at a vastly increased range.

Clockwork Pocketwatch

Clockwork is a still a very new and mistrusted science, and the devices manufactured from it are rare, expensive, and difficult to maintain. However, you have been granted the use of a prototype clockwork pocketwatch, enabling you to know the time without recourse to the sun or stars, and to judge how long has passed since you last checked.