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A Myriad of Forms:
A Brief Guide to the Races.

In The Shifting LRP, there are seven races in total – one for each Element, and Humans. Humans are by far and away the most common race, and indeed all of the other races were Human once themselves before becoming subject to the twisting effect of The Shifting.

All races aside from Humans have a minimum phys-rep requirement to play them, and many of their racial skills require additional phys-reps as they are purchased to represent the continuing effects of the Shifting upon them. Indeed, it is encouraged that as characters advance in power along any wheel, that their phys-reps become more elaborate and pronounced to represent their continuing changes.

A Shifted in society does not have many of the privileges and rights that a Human does – they cannot hold formal positions of office, they may not vote, and fall somewhere between peasant and slave in social class, depending on which Dominion they are in. While they do have more powerful racial abilities than Humans, the social consequences should also be considered.

A Human may find themselves Shifting during play. Indeed, any unprotected exposure to the Shifting will eventually trigger a shift into their appropriate race. However, this can take some time to manifest, and a Human character exposed to the Shifting should speak with a ref to determine how and when it is best to change.

Currently, Shifting is a one-way street. While a Human may change and become Shifted, currently there has been no way found to reverse this and change a Shifted back to being Human.


The most common race, coming in all colours, shapes and sizes and filling all walks of life and social class.

Minimum Phys-rep: None.


Those Shifted with an Affinity for Wood become Therian. All Therian possess animal features of at least one sort – more commonly mammalian, but avian, reptilian, insectoid and piscine have also been seen and noted. The overwhelming majority of Therian manifest one specific animal and stick to that – it is very rare for a Therian to manifest from multiple types of animal, and even more unusual to span genuses.

Upon Shifting, a Therian’s personality starts to become more like the animal they most represent. As they progress in power and strength, this personality comes more and more to the forefront, and their bodies shift and alter to become closer to that animal also.

Minimum Phys-rep: Make-up which can easily be identified as a type of animal, although masks are definitely preferred.


Those Shifted with an Affinity for Earth become Dwarrow. The skin of a Dwarrow becomes tougher and takes on mineral traits. As they progress in power, they become more and more stone-like – slow moving but extremely tough and durable.

Personality-wise, a Dwarrow does not change massively from where they started. However, they do tend to become more focused on specific personality traits, and generally slower to anger and act.

Minimum Phys-rep: Grey skin with striations (lighter colours running through it as lines). Their skin can be any rock-colour but if they vary from grey they should also have rocky prosthetics also.


Those Shifted with an Affinity for Fire become Efreet. The skin on an Efreet is always hot to the touch, and, their skin colour changes dramatically to fire-tones, more usually a deep red. Their hair can also change drastically in colour, usually to a metallic tone, with gold and silver being the most common.

Personality-wise, much like the Dwarrow, an Efreet does not change massively from where they started. However, their core personality traits tend to become more pronounced and refined, an often exaggerated.

Minimum Phys-rep: Red, yellow or orange skin, with red being by far the most common.


Those Shifted with an Affinity for Shadow become Ramanga. Ramanga suffer a number of physical changes, but these are largely internal. Their skin also becomes extremely pale and slightly spongy to the touch.

As Ramanga progress in power, they cease being able to gain full sustenance from food and drink. Their taste for meat begins to become more towards the rare side of things, and eventually they can only feed upon life essence. It is unsurprising, therefore, that Ramanga personalities tend to become more introverted and morbid.

Minimum Phys-rep: White skin, pointed ears.


Those Shifted with an Affinity for Air become Sylph. A Sylph is generally lighter on their feet, and their bones become hollow, albeit substantially stronger to compensate for this. They have a tendency to become obsessed with puzzles and conundrums, and can focus on research and scholarly pursuits to the exclusion of all else.

Their skin becomes blue in colour, usually tending towards a lighter blue, although this is not exclusive. As they progress in power, their skin becomes cold to the touch, and the blue colour devolves into several shades of blue, like the sky reflecting on deepest ice. They also manifest pointed ears.

Minimum Phys-rep: Blue skin, pointed ears.


Those Shifted with an Affinity for Water become Rusalka. Their skin becomes an azure green and slightly thicker than before, with a roughness to the touch. Their hair colour can also change drastically, usually into a green, blue or deep brown.

Personality-wise, a Rusalka generally becomes somewhat more manipulative and paranoid than they used to be. They also become focused on their goals more easily, and will work towards their ends with chilling pragmatism.

Minimum Phys-rep: Green skin.