The Elements

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The Building Blocks of Life:
A Quick Guide to the Elements

The most important thing you can choose about your character is their Element. This gives a rough guideline as to their personality type, what skills they favour and struggle with, which magics they cannot use, and which Race they will become if and when they Shift.

While each Element has certain traits or Affinities linked to it, this is by no means prescriptive – if you want to play a jovial Shadow person or a surly Fire person then by all means do so. The information below is more general guidance and common trends rather than absolutes.

As well as listing the traits more commonly affiliated with each Element, there is also a handy guide to the skills they relate to and build ideas which can be found throughout the tables relating to that Element. Hopefully, this will provide you with ideas and inspiration, and offer a guide to the type of characters linked to that Element.


Race: Therian

Personality Traits: Solitary, affectionate, compassionate, simple, hatred of Undead, love of nature and natural things

Skill Affinities:

Martial – Brawn. Skills of might and brute force.
Mystic – Healing magics, druidism, crowd control
Grounded – Natural survival, wilderness tracking, trap-making, some healing abilities.

Build Types: Magical healer, Druid, self-sufficient ranger, feral warrior, natural healer, mighty barbarian warrior


Race: Dwarrow

Personality Traits: Simple, uncomplicated, humble, protective, patient, dedicated, craftsman, lover of justice.

Skill Affinities:

Martial – Defence. Armour skills, defending others, drawing enemies focus to them,
Mystic – Protection, armour enchants, some damage and control
Grounded – Artisans, craftsmen, blacksmiths and clockwork engineers.

Build Types: Stalwart defender, enchanter, master craftsman, bodyguard


Race: Efreet

Personality Traits: Garrulous, social, vibrant, inconstant, inspirational, friendly, selfless, party animals

Skill Affinities:

Martial – Ranged weapons of all types, bows, pistols, throwing knives.
Mystic – Alteration, teleportation, offensive enchantment and direct damage
Grounded – Alchemy in all its forms and uses, poisons, healing, support and combat drugs.

Build Types: Master archer, swashbuckling pistoleer, poisoner, all-purpose alchemist, enchanter, transportation mage, pyromancer


Race: Ramanga

Personality Traits: Secretive, antisocial, morbid, distrusting, darkly humoured, seeker after forbidden secrets

Skill Affinities:

Martial – Finesse. Precision, swordsmanship and dirty fighting
Mystic – Necromancy, both forensic and forbidden. Debuffs and hexes.
Grounded – Deception, hunters of men, assassination

Build Types: Assassin, forensic necromancer, unprincipled sellsword, master of undead, bounty hunter.


Race: Sylph

Personality Traits: Scholarly, inquisitive, flighty, intellectual, superior, smug, knowledgeable, bookish, timid, naive

Skill Affinities:

Martial – Melee combat, and the use of all close-range weapons
Mystic – Crowd control, scrying, illusions
Grounded – Scholarly learning and knowledge

Build Types: Bookish scholar, arrogant sage, illusionist, master scryer, information broker, bard, master-at-arms


Race: Rusalka

Personality Traits: Observant, empathic, manipulative, conservative, traditional, stoic, conniving, tactical.

Skill Affinities:

Martial – Unarmed combat, disciplined fighting with your body as a weapon
Mystic – Retributive, insightful, controlling and dispelling
Grounded – Perceptive, observation, and prophecy

Build Types:

Budding seer, manipulator, dispel mage, disciplined monk, controller, back-alley brawler