Character Creation

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Forging a Legend:
Character Creation


Character creation for the Shifting LRP is a fairly simple process. Just follow these simple steps!

1 – Choose your Element

The Element your character has affinity to is one of the most important things to decide. It will set your weak areas, it will define what race you become if or when you Shift, and it will hopefully provide you with rough ideas about common personality traits and viewpoints on the world.

The Element you choose will also have an impact upon purchasing skills:

  • You may not purchase Spells from the segment of your opposing Element
  • Martial and Grounded skills from the segment of your opposing Element cost one additional Advancement Point (AP)

This is just a brief summary of the Elements – more details can be found in the Guide to the Elements section.

Wood: The Element of Wood is the Element of life, nature, and the natural cycle. Wood people tend to be unsophisticated, and enjoy the simple things in life. Wood is opposed by Shadow.

Earth: Earth is the foundation upon which all things are built, and the rock which endures the most fearsome storm. It is the element of craftsmen and also defence and protection. Earth is opposed by Air.

Fire: Fire is the Element of creativity, innovation, and purification. Fire people tend to be garrulous, reckless, and changeable. Fire is opposed by Water.

Shadow: Shadow is the Element of despair, of decay, and of twisted Unlife. Those aligned to Shadow tend to gallows humour, solitude, and pragmatism to the point of callousness.

Air: Intellect, knowledge and secrets are the purview of the Element of Air. Air people tend to be scholars, delvers after mysteries, and scientists. Air is opposed by Earth.

Water: Water is the Element of empathy, stasis, and traditionalism. Water people tend towards conservatism, manipulation, and consideration. Water is opposed by Fire.

2 – Choose your Race:

By default, everyone starts out as a Human. It is by exposure to the corrupting and twisting force of the Shifting that the purity of the Human form is changed to one of the six Shifted races.

This is another extremely important choice. While the Shifted races possess a number of advantages over a baseline Human, they suffer profound social stigma – they may not hold positions of authority or rank in any organisation other than the Order of the Gryphon, they are treated like animals in many places, and have no protected standing in society – even the lowliest peasant may slay one and face only mild repercussions, is any.

Bear in mind also that, if you choose to be Shifted, it is a one-way street. While any Human may become a Shifted race, thus far, there is no way to return to being Human once you have changed.

Each Race also has phys-rep requirements as a minimum. More information on the specific races and these requirements may be found in the Guide to the Races section.

Human: The baseline for the Kingdom of Corvantin, Humans form the vast majority of the populace and fill the gaps in society from peasant to Prince, from slave to scholar. All Humans gain the capability to hold Status and Contacts in organisations across the Kingdom, and gain access to better equipment sooner.

Therian: Shifted of the Wood Element, Therian are marked by bestial features and animal instincts. They manifest a variety of animal traits, with mammalian being the most common but by no means the sole choice.

Dwarrow: Shifted of the Earth Element, beings of stony skin and indomitable will. They tend to dourness, and have a strong hatred of injustice.

Efreet: Shifted of the Fire Element. Alchemists, artists, and social butterflies. Efreet tend to be outgoing, charismatic, and dangerously unpredictable.

Ramanga: Shifted of the Shadow Element. Tainted by their Element, they soon can only feed on life energies, which makes them feared and wary. They tend towards solitude.

Sylph: Shifted of the Air Element. Flighty, intellectual and terminally curious. They often lose themselves in contemplation of problems and theories, and tend to possess a biting wit.

Rusalka: Shifted of the Water Element. Calculating, insightful, manipulative and thoughtful. They are fond of tactics and planning, and rarely fail to achieve their goals.

3 – Assign your Wheels:

All skills in The Shifting LRP fall in to one of three Wheels:

Martial: This table encapsulates all varieties of combat and the trappings thereof – armour, special techniques, and additional hits.

Mystic: This table encapsulates the magical arts and the supporting skills around that.

Grounded: This table encapsulates everything else! Racial abilities, learning and alchemy, hunting, crafting and the like.

Each Wheel consists of six Segments – which each correspond to one Element – and the central Hub.

You need to prioritise your Wheels into Primary, Secondary and Tertiary. All skills from your Secondary Wheel cost an additional AP. All skills from your Tertiary Wheel cost two additional AP’s.

4 – Spend your AP’s:

All starting characters begin with 10 AP’s to spend on skills and abilities. Skills cost a number of AP’s equal to their Tier, and starting characters may only pick from Tier 1 skills. You must spend at least 4 AP’s in your Primary Wheel. You also gain a free Tier 1 skill – this can be taken from your Element or from your races Grounded Hub.

The vast majority of skills are Active Skills, which require appropriate resources to use. In the case of Mystic skills, they require Threshold; for Martial skills, Technique; and for Grounded skills, Focus.

More on Active and Passive Skills, Spellcasting and the like can be found in the Core Rules, in the Walking the Walk section.

5 – Choose your starting equipment:

As a loyal servant of the Crown, all your equipment is thoughtfully provided and maintained by the Order’s Quartermaster. A starting character may choose 6 items from the list of starting equipment.

Those items are solely for the use of that character. While another character may end up using them on a mission (if, for example, your primary fighter has their sword disintegrated), this should be a rarity rather than the standard.

For more information, please see the section on the Quartermaster.

6 – Go have fun!

That’s everything! The mechanical side of your character is now finished. It’s up to you to add meat to these bones, and go forth to glory!