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This Is My Boomstick:
A note on using pistols.

While firearms – specifically pistols – do exist in The Shifting LRP, they have a specific set of traits, both in and out of character. These are detailed below.

OC Rules:

  • All pistols must be single-barrelled cap-firing flintlocks. While more advanced pistols may exist, they are beyond the scope of normal characters and will have unique profiles as and when they become available. At this stage in the game, muskets, rifles and other longarms are not in existence.
  • Pistols have an effective range of 10’, in which range they cannot miss. Simply point your pistol at your chosen target, pull the trigger and call the damage. Outside of 10’, the pistol has no effect.
  • If the cap does not trigger, the Firedust has clearly been affected by water or other environmental concerns. It still counts as a use of Firedust, and will need to be reloaded. However, any Technique slots spent on augmenting the attack are not used.
  • A pistol takes 10 seconds and one charge of Firedust to load, and will remain loaded until discharged or 6 hours has passed.
  • A character may carry and use as many pistols as they can afford to source. However, pistols are subject to the standard “one call per weapon per second” combat rules.

IC Conventions:

  • Pistols are very much a prestige item, and the purview of the wealthy, connected or otherwise notable. Consequently, carrying and using a pistol will doubtless inform those who see you that you are such a person. Conversely, if you see someone else carrying a pistol, you can draw certain inferences about them.
  • While it is not unheard-of for a Shifted to carry a pistol, it is very definitely a talking point and something that will be commented upon. Given the potential deadliness of pistols, and the sub-human social status of Shifted, it will draw a great deal of attention if discovered.