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Common Universal Terms:

Affinity – A more common term for the Element a character or thing is linked to.

Air – The Element of intellect, knowledge and learning.

Dwarrow – A Shifted race with an affinity to Earth.

Earth – The Element of stability, defence, protection and crafting.

Efreet – A Shifted race with an affinity to Fire.

Element – One of the six core components of the world. Every person, skill and God has an affinity to one of the Elements. It influences personality, career, aptitudes and also which race a person becomes if they are Shifted.

Fire – The Element of creativity, inspiration and science.

Human – The most common race on Corvantin. They are the baseline from which all other races are mutations. They span all social statuses and roles, and can be found everywhere through the Kingdom.

Ramanga – A Shifted race with an affinity to Shadow.

Rusalka – A Shifted race with an affinity to Water.

Shadow – The Element of decay, corruption and death.

Shifted – A former Human who, upon exposure to the Shifting has changed form. This term is more commonly used as a catch-all term for the six non-Human races, but does apply to anything altered by exposure to the Shifting.

The Shifting – A mysterious and powerful force, usually manifesting as a thick and unnatural fog or mist. Those exposed to the Shifting mutate and change, becoming Shifted. The longer a person is exposed, the greater the changes made. No-one knows exactly what the Shifting is, but it is thought to be sentient and malevolent.

Sylph – A Shifted race with an affinity to Air.

Therian – A Shifted race with an affinity to Wood.

Water – The Element of empathy, stasis and emotion.

Wood – The Element of nature, life and healing.

Common IC Terms:

The Church of Enlightenment – A catch-all term for the five Churches of the Gods of Enlightenment.

The College of Enlightenment – The premier bastion of learning, both scholarly and magical. It is based in Aesilon, though it does have smaller campuses scattered throughout the Kingdom.

Corvantin – The Kingdom in which the game is set. This is comprised of seven core Dominions within the centre of the continent, also called Corvantin.

Dominion – One of the seven remaining countries inhabitable by Humans and protected from the Shifting by Anchors. The seven Dominions are Aesilon, Arador, Breslyn, Chasco, Croxin, Fallowmere and Scarrow.

Eruption – The period of time when the Shifting emerged without warning along the coast of Corvantin and rolled inland, swallowing up the continent as it did so.

Fiefdom – The original countries of Corvantin. When the Kingdom was unified following the Eruption, these fiefdoms were reconstituted as Dominions.

The Gods of Enlightenment – The Five Gods who have banded together against Thalae, Goddess of Despair, and the Shifting in an attempt to protect Humanity. The Five Gods are Axandia, Gaianna, Histevon, Shanyith and Terrena

The Lost Dominions – Those countries which have been swallowed by the Shifting during the Eruption. They are Darkeil, Holerund, Parona, The Protectorate of Crayle, Ticona and Wenneslund.

Thalae – Goddess of Despair, Decay and Corruption. Until the Eruption of the Shifting, she was considered the greatest threat to face Humanity.

Common OC Terms:

Active Skills – Forming the vast majority of Skills, Active Skills require the expenditure of Resource Slots to power them. They are generally more useful than Passive Skills.

Advancement Points / AP’s – These are used to purchase skills, and represent how experienced your character is.

Focus – The Resource Slots used to fuel Grounded Active Skills.

Grounded / Grounded Wheel – The set of skills relating to everything not either combat or magical.

Hits – The amount of damage a character or thing can take before it is rendered unconscious, killed or broken respectively.

Martial / Martial Wheel – Those skills used to gain puissance in combat.

Mystic / Mystic Wheel – Those skills used to cast magic spells.

Passive Skills – Skills which provide a continuing enhancement to your character without needing to expend further resources to power them.

Slots / Resource Slots – These are granted by certain Passive Skills. They are used to fuel Active Skills.

Technique – The Resource Slots used to fuel Martial Active Skills

Threshold – The Resource Slots used to fuel Mystic Active Skills, also known as spells.

Tier – Each Wheel is broken down into five Tiers, representing increasingly powerful skills as one progresses.

Wheel – The three subdivisions of Skills in The Shifting LRP. The three Wheels are the Martial Wheel, the Mystic Wheel, and the Grounded Wheel.