Time Status

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There are three main Time Status calls within Shifting LRP, plus one additional – but very important – call.

Time In

You are in character. Play your character. Don’t discuss last night’s TV. Do not use any Out Of Character terms unless absolutely necessary, i.e. for making skill, spell, damage calls etc. Do not interact directly with the referee unless necessary.

Time Out

You are out of character – the ref is Battleboarding or doing some other essential out of character stuff. Try not to move too far so you can return to your position for Time In. Do not discuss the adventure or any other In Character stuff. Usually, the ref will need to be heard and hear other people. Please cooperate by being quiet.

Time Freeze

Something instantaneous is happening. Stand absolutely still, either hum to yourself or ignore any sounds you hear. When Time In is called, continue with what you were doing. Don’t suddenly spin round to see what has happened – as far as your character is concerned, nothing has.

Man Down

Man down is called when a player is injured or the game has to be stopped for health and safety reasons. It should be called as swiftly as possible and then the game becomes a Time Out. Please make way for first aiders and move away from the injured party (where doing so is safe obviously). This is the only Time State call that can be called by players.