Olaf’s Guide ta Cussin

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Alright shitbirds.

While the Order have moved far from their mercenary roots, some things still remain from that glorious fuckin’ legacy – a bevy of bawdy songs, an addiction to rollin’ the bones, a worryin’ fondness for dirty sex and – most importantly – the love of a good cuss. For me, nothin’ – nothin’ – beats the joy of a well-constructed swear, an’ I’m gonna share some of me favourites with you lucky bastards right here.

Good cussin’ comes generally in three categories:
– Blasphemy
– Racism
– Sex parts

I find a mix and match approach suits me best, but you fuckers feel free to go however you want. This list is a constantly growin’ thing, so if you find some new ones you like, feel free to let me know and I’ll stick ’em on the list.