Event Details

Shifting LRP – Event 9

Date: 8th – 11th January 2016

Location: Giant’s Seat Scout Camp.
Off Ringley Road West
M26 1DY


Come off the M60 at Junction 17 (A56 towards Prestwich / Manchester City Centre / Whitefield)
At the Roundabout, take the third exit onto Bury New Road / A56
Slight left onto Higher Lane / A665
Turn Left onto Ringley Road /A667
Go through one roundabout
Turn left – Giant’s Seat will then be on the left.

Sat Nav users enter M26 1DY and keep following the track to the end, bearing left where it splits.

Additional Site Info

1) Giant’s Seat only has 22 beds and these will be dished out on a first-come first-served basis. If you have any spare air mattresses, please bring them just in case.

2) Due to problems with thieves, Giant’s Seat does not have much in the way of bins. If, at the end of the event, people wouldn’t mind running a bin bag back with them to dispose of at home we would be extremely grateful.

 Bookings and Cost:

The event will cost £10 for stopover fees, and £15 per mission played. Bookings open immediately and close on the 28th October. I appreciate this is a fairly short window of opportunity so I will be available first thing Friday Night at the event with the Bookings Book to sort out last minute bookings and that sort of thing.

When booking, you should tell us:

1) Your primary mission choice and character name
2) Your reserve mission choice (if any) and character name.
3) If you require a bed.

Please send this information to bookings@shiftinglrp.com

As far as player spaces on missions go, to begin with each mission will have 8 player spaces. Once we have more than 20 people booked, missions will open up to 10 player spaces, so if you can’t get on your first choice to begin with please keep an eye open!

Mission and Tavern Details:

FridayTavern – Blood In The Breeze (Louise and Adam Lyzniak)

Oathsworn Captain Gannit Rasticore invites the Order for a relaxed evening at the Chapter House in Arador to discuss the recent PR implications of the Order, announce promotions and sanctions, and generally provide an overview of the last few years worth of missions.

Saturday Morning Mission – Down And Under (Phil James)

After long and intense political wrangling, the Mayor of Luffamag has agreed to uphold his end of the agreement – the production of secret tunnels out of Scarrow. Unfortunately, Oathsworn Captain Aurem shall be busy making arrangements to home large numbers of refugees, so the rendezvous and briefing will be left to Sergeant Slaythem on the morning of the mission.

Order members will be ritual transported to the – nearly completed – first Scarrow tunnel entrance. There are multiple key objectives to this mission:

1) Maintain the security of both tunnel structure, and Sapper engineering crews working to complete it.

2) Dispose of any potential spies or military organisations who pose a risk (including any scouts employed by Scarrow authorities).

3) Secure the entrance from any refugees who already know about the tunnel and who may try to rush it before it’s completed.

A wide variety of skills would be useful on this delicate and stealthy mission. Not simply force and healing, but those with; charisma, abilities to detect lies, trackers, assassins, and various magical skills may assist.

What are the stakes? Should this mission succeed – it will create the first pathway to providing help to those vulnerable people trapped within Scarrow, who are living into forced slavery.

Saturday Afternoon Mission – A Matter Of Appearance (Adam Lyzniak)

Following a worrying increase in unnecessary bloodshed by junior members, the general public is starting to view the Order of the Gryphon as little more than mindless thugs and brigands. This has obviously caused serious concern, both to the Oathsworn Commander and also to His Majesty.

Consequently, a number of brief missions have been arranged to hopefully start repairing some of the damage done to the Order’s reputation among the common folk and the nobility. It is suggested that those responsible for some of the recent excesses may take this as an opportunity to show they are capable of exercising appropriate restraint and are worthy of membership in the Order.

The Oathsworn Commander expects that all members on this mission bear in mind the overarching purpose of the exercise when participating.

Saturday Evening Mission – Shadow’s Fall (Geoff Allan)

Order members involved in the recent investigation into the plague in Breslyn are requested to assist a potential new ally to the Order in trying to make some sense of recent events affecting the nation. Our ally is somewhat vague but suggests combat prowess and knowledge of religious and arcane matters will be of immense use. We are advised also that this mission promises a high degree of risk. While those members previously involved in these issues are requested any member who would be interested in undertaking this work are welcome.

Saturday Night – Perfect 10 (Phil James)

A peculiar set of events seem to be plaguing the Church of Histevon. Numerous priests have gone missing, have ‘committed suicide’, or have been murdered under suspicious circumstances. Reeling from their recent loss of many senior figures throughout the organisation – it has resulted in a power vacuum. One of the groups vying for control are the Followers of His, led by Erite Ress. Over the past decade the Followers of His have covertly placed members of their faction within positions of importance throughout the Church of Histevon, allowing them the perfect chance to make a claim on policy making.

The Vaes Astrologicus have more than a few concerns about this situation, and have therefore arranged an event to celebrate Histevon. It will take place in the somewhat insignificant town of Yarlwood. At least, it used to seem insignificant. Recently the Followers of His have created warehouses and have been stockpiling crates and carts of unknown materials. Loris Ress, cousin of Erite, is the senior priest at the local church – but we believe that he also runs this trade network. It’s a simple task; uncover what he knows about the Followers of His, the trade route, people he knows and what they are doing. Additionally, if there is a chance to discover what he is hoarding, then examine the warehouses.

Do not use an opening stance of aggression – diplomacy towards senior church figures helps the Order maintain friendly links with powerful priests. However, if you are threatened, then take whatever measures necessary to ensure your safety.