This section of the Athenaeum is wont to be by far the largest and – one fears – the least well organised. In this section my scribes store all those documents which do not fit so easily into the other categories – essays, thoughts, stories, histories and the like.

Current documents available for your perusal in the Miscellany are:

The Almanac of Useful Things – in no particular order,  here may be found snippets of information about the Kingdom not deemed sufficiently important, weighty or voluminous as to require a dedicated book or scroll to itself.

A Brief History of the Unification of Corvantin – in which that redoubtable sage Adolphus Quint takes us through the Eruption of the Shifting, the fall of the old Fiefdoms, and the building of the glorious Kingdom of Corvantin by His Most Excellent Majesty Corbrey Vanadon I. This also helps detail the founding of the Order of the Gryphon and the birth of the Kingdom’s strong ties with the College of Enlightenment.

In the same vein, Quint has submitted a monograph on both the six Elements which run through us all, and some thoughts on the Shifting itself, including a look at the poor benighted souls which labour under it’s ill effects.

From the simple folk of the field to the finest minds of the College itself, we have humbly compiled an Almanac containing a number of useful pieces of information about our Kingdom. This will likely be a constantly growing section of the Miscellany, so I would advise you to keep referring back to it as time goes on.