In this section of the Athenaeum may be found details of the various organisations which hold temporal power and influence amongst the Kingdom. First and foremost – for our purposes, of course – is the Order of the Gryphon; but you may also find her details about the College of Enlightenment; and other such institutions and fellowships which may be of note.

So far in this section of the Athanaeum, you can find monographs and papers on:

Military Forces:

The Order of the Gryphon – the most fabled and glorious Order to which we here all belong. This is a brief outline of it’s history, methods and ranks, and – of course – contains the Oath itself.

The Armies of the Kingdom – With some exceptions, most Dominions maintain a standing army based around the Aradorian standard which proved so effective during the Unification War.

The Reve of Scarrow – As with so many things, Scarrow is tied to the past and refuses to bring itself in line with modern civilised practises. This document will detail the unwashed rabble which make up the main armed forces extant in Scarrow and how they differ from the standard armies.

The Chascon Pathfinders – While Chasco maintains a standing army in line with the main Kingdom, the offshoot branch known as the Chascon Pathfinders are sufficiently unique as to merit their own mention in a separate document.

Other Mercenary Forces – Thanks to the bickering of places such as Croxin, there will always be call for independent sell-swords and bands of gold-shields. It must always be remembered that the Order itself first started out as a mere mercenary company, and this monograph details some of the more common bands out there which may be encountered. The Order itself also actively recruits from existing mercenary bands, so it could be that you yourself hailed from one of these groups before swearing to the King.


The College of Enlightenment – The College is arguably one of the most important institutions extant in the land at present. All higher knowledge and philosophy devolves from the College, as do many magical techniques and teachings for those who would rather dedicate their lives to secular studies as opposed to the rigid strictures of the priesthood. The College is truly a burning torch of hope and wonder in an increasingly-barbarous world.