Olaf’s Archive

Hello and welcome, you stalwart shits, to Olaf The Bastard’s Archive of Infamy!

Here, I stick all the stuff professional soldiers like you actually give a Dwarrow’s dick about – common gamblin’ games; yer favourite bawdy songs; Olaf’s Guide ta Cussin’; and all that sort of stuff! Leave yer quills at home, pull up a tankard, and let’s get pissed!

Olaf’s Guide ta Cussin – a handy guide to naughty words that will definitely get you glassed

Tavern Songs – a couple of useful tunes to know. Join in when ya learn the chorus!

Games of Chance – lose what little they pay you or just do it for shots. Either way, the rules are here!

Brothels, Bawdy Houses and Tongue Shops – an ongoing series wherein I get paid to bang hookers and tell you where to go for a good time!