The Athenaeum

Welcome, Oathsworn, to the Athenaeum. Here, you will find a wealth of documents prepared for use by the Order by numerous learnéd individuals. Feel free to take a copy of any of these you wish – the scribing fees are all paid for by His Majesty.

To assist your studies, all of the available documents are split into a number of categories. These are:

The Kingdom – containing both overviews of the active Dominions and lost Fiefdoms; as well as individual gazetteers for each Dominion.

Churches – containing information about the Five Churches of Enlightenment; the Church of Thalae (if it can be called such); the Church Ordos Militant; as well as a brief primer on the more numerous cults rife in the Kingdom today.

Organisations – containing information on the Order of the Gryphon; the College of Enlightenment; the main Chivalric Orders; as well as sundry other organisations which hold power and influence in the Kingdom today.

Olaf’s Archive – a selection of documents prepared by the Order Brewmaster, Olaf The Bastard. Upon advice from the Oathsworn Commander, the scribes tend not to look here, and so he could have filed anything for your persual and entertainment. You are advised to browse at your peril.

Miscellaneous – here the scribes place any other such documents as may be of interest but do not fit neatly into the other categories – essays, histories, and the like.