Other Clubs:

Song of Steel LRP

Where it pretty much all began for me and Phil. An excellent monthly club larp filled with wonderful people.


An excellent – indeed, award winning – Victorian-era Steampunk LARP, run by those handsome and talented devils at the Great LARP Conspiracy. If you like your science mad, your NERF guns shiny and some serious high-grade roleplay, come along here.

Profound Decisions

The current Mack Daddies of large-scale fest LRP. They run the outstanding Odyssey and the brand-spanking-new Empire. If you’ve not heard of them, then you must be living in a cave.

Spearhead LRP

A linear fantasy LARP based in the South of England and perhaps the most fun I’ve had at a club game. Amazingly written, excellently crewed, and generally all-round welcoming and wonderful people. If you ever find yourself in the area, you would be a fool to miss this.

Dark Tempus LRP

Post apocalyptic survival horror NERF game. What more needs to be said?