While this may seem a little dull compared to the background, rules or what-have-you, there are still a number of policies by which this club operates.


Shifting LRP has a zero-tolerance approach to drug misuse. Anyone found possessing or using illegal drugs will be immediately asked to leave site and barred from the game for life.


We are all adults here, and LRP events are a great time to let off steam, relax with friends and have some fun. Inevitably, sweet, sweet alcohol will be consumed. While this is fine, Management would ask you to please drink in moderation. While this may sound like we’re being killjoys, if you are too drunk / hungover to play your dungeon then you miss out, if you are too far gone to crew then everyone else misses out, and if you’re in no state to drive home on Sunday then someone may well die. Please be sensible.

On a related note, if you are too drunk / hungover to crew a mission, you will not be permitted to play a later mission. If you are too drunk to fight safely, you will also be sent to bed.

Age Limit

Shifting LRP is an adult game, covering adult themes, written by adults for adults. In light of that, we regret to inform our players that we only accept people who are 18 years or older.

General Club Policies

  • By attending our events you are agreeing to participate in a full contact sport.
  • Shifting LRP is not responsible for any personal loss or injury.
  • The management reserves the right to refuse membership to any player who we consider may be a danger to themselves or others. We also reserve the right to refuse membership to any player we consider may bring harm or disrepute to the reputation of Shifting LRP and/or the hobby of Live Action Role-Playing.
  • The LRP hobby involves the use of specially manufactured LRP weapons. All participants at Shifting LRP events agree that LRP weapons can be used against them during active participation.
  • Anyone found using an LRP weapon in an unsafe or inappropriate fashion will be warned of his or her actions and any further incidents of this may lead to them being expelled from the event.
  • Metal weapons and shields must not be brought to Shifting LRP events
  • The organisers reserve the right to ban any weapon or item of equipment they deem to be unsuitable or inappropriate at their events. If an item is banned and the player brings it to another event without suitable modification, they will be asked to leave.
  • Any club member who feels that a weapon being used by another member is unsafe or is being used in an unsafe manner should bring it to the attention of a ref. It is then the responsibility of that ref. to check the weapon or way the player is using it and if necessary request that it be removed from site.
  • No pets or animals of any form may be brought onto any site or to any Event.
  • Players are not to bring with them or use pyrotechnics at any event without express written permission from the management. Any player found using/having them will be expelled from the event and banned.
  • The organisers will inform the authorities if any member is discovered breaking the law.
  • Shifting LRP will hold all your booking details on computer.
  • Your contact details will be used for purposes of the newsletter or club business only and will not be passed onto third parties.

Child Protection

As we will be using predominantly Scout sites, Shifting LRP subscribes to the Young People First agreement found here. Our Child Protection policy requires each member to attest to the following caveats:

  • I am not on any child protection register and have not been considered unsuitable to work with children.
  • I will not approach any child that is on site.
  • If approached by a child on site, I will ensure that it is in an open location and there are witnesses present.
  • I understand that if I am accused of ANY inappropriate behaviour towards children or ANY crime of a sexual nature, my membership of Shifting LRP will be suspended until the matter is resolved and I will not attend any event until then.
  • If convicted of ANY crime against children or of a sexual nature I accept that I will be banned for life from the club.
  • If I am accused of ANY inappropriate behaviour towards children or ANY crime of a sexual nature I will inform Management at the first available opportunity.
  • If an accusation falls upon me during a Shifting LRP event, I will give my full co-operation to both the club and the Scouting Association, and will not rely on my good name to protect me.

Crewing and Cleaning Responsibilities

Shifting LRP is run in a club-LARP style – that is, rather than having an in-house team of crew, it is expected that all players pitch in to make the events as good as they can be. It is expected that all players will crew (“monster”) those missions which they are not playing, and it is also anticipated that players will volunteer to crew for shifts in the two Tavern evenings so as to allow a fun and immersive evening for all. Likewise, it is expected that all players will clean up after themselves, and assist in tidying the site on Sunday morning before they leave so that the site is in a presentable fashion and we don’t lose our deposit! Shifting LRP thanks you for you help and understanding in this.