Going to Helikon

October 16, 2013 Drinking Games

This is a team game, usually played for money but it can be played for drinks. As you lucky bastards get everything paid for by the Crown, I’ll tell you the drinking version. You can thank me later.

Each team is lead by one “Tosser”, who rolls the dice. As many people as want to back them gets behind each Tosser, and you usually have between two and five at most, else it can take bastard ages.

Each Tosser in turn has three throws of the dice. On the first throw, the highest number is set aside. If two or more dice show the highest number, then only one is kept. The remaining two dice are thrown again, and the highest is again set aside. The final die is rolled, and the total of all three is the Tossers score. The Tosser with the highest score wins.

Each of the losing Tossers has to neck their drink. Each person who backed a losing Tosser drinks three fingers. Nice and simple, eh?