The Carpentry Song

October 15, 2013 Drinking Songs

I’ll Whip Out My Tools,
If You’ll Help Me Get Wood,
Together We Can Make Something Good.

And I’ll Roll Up My Sleeves,
If You’ll Pull Back My Hood,
It’s Kind Of Stiff So You’ll Have To Pull It Good.

This Is A Song About Carpentry,
All The Wonderful Things You Can Make From A Tree,
Just Add Some Hinges, Some Handles And Some Locks
Then We Can Admire Your Stunning Box.

I’ll Hammer It In Hard, If You Show Me The Spot,
Then I’ll Neatly Dovetail It Into The Slot.

To Finish It Off Nice, I’ll Use My Tongue-In-Groove,
And Wax It Up So It Slips In Nice And Smooth.

– Chorus –

I’ll Loosen Up Your Drawers, If You Show Me Your Chest
And Oiling And A Rub-Down Does It Best

Oak Is Really Hard, And Maple’s Really Fine
But If You’re Good I’ll Let You Stroke My Pine

– Chorus –