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Noble Titles and Terms of Address

November 26, 2013 The Almanac of Useful Things

Whilst many of the Dominions have since accepted the Aradorian standard for noble titles, there remain some exceptions. Scarrow is perhaps the most notable of these, as that Dominion has ever been contrary, and wears the Royal Yoke only grudgingly. Likewise, with the nature of the City-States in Croxin each contributing to a Council rather than having a unified noble structure, there is some variance. Chasco also has some local and cultural variance – doubtless as a result of influence from Scarrow and Holerund.

It goes without saying that King Tomas II holds the highest rank in the land, and is therefore over and above the ranks listed below, as indeed are the other members of the Royal Family – this table merely serves to illustrate the individual hierarchies after that peak.


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Kings and Queens since the Unification

August 22, 2013 The Almanac of Useful Things

1 – 15 AS: King Corbrey unites Corvantin under his iron fist.

15 – 46 AS: The rule of Corbrey I.

46-48 AS:  The War of Succession tears apart Corvantin again, finally ending with Elissa Vanadon on the throne.

(49 AS: Order of the Gryphon founded formally.)

48-76 AS: The rule of Elissa Vanadon.

76 – 100 AS: The rule of Corbrey II

100 – 101 AS:  The Year of Three Kings as the children of Corbrey II fight amongst themselves for the throne. Corbrey II is succeeded by Corbrey III, Aegil  and Tomas I, with Tomas I finally seizing the throne for good.

101- 122 AS: The rule of King Tomas I

122 – 140 AS:  The rule of Queen Aelys I, called The Glorious

140 – 152 AS: The rule of King Dainiel

152 – 160 AS: The rule of Queen Arthren, called The Virtuous

160 – 177 AS: The rule of Kin...

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Currency of the Realm

August 22, 2013 The Almanac of Useful Things

Originally, each Fiefdom had their own currency; and each currency had different values in relation to each other! On top of that, many merchants and farmers preferred the barter system, or a time-for-item exchange, such as a day before the forge in exchange for a meal and a bed.

All this changed when King Corbrey forged the Kingdom from the disparate fiefdoms. In addition to doing away with all the regional languages and dialects, the Vanadon line was also responsible for unifying the scattered currencies into one universal denomination.

The highest value coin, now, is the Golden Crown. Each Crown is worth five Silver Swords, and each Sword is worth 20 Copper Shields...

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The Corvantine Calendar

August 22, 2013 The Almanac of Useful Things

The current calendar is based on the one established by the fallen La’tieri Empire in the time before the Eruption. There are twelve months in total, with a varying number of days. The reasons for the naming of the months, and the varying number of days, are lost in antiquity, but are believed to be related to fallen Empires and a defunct counting scheme.

There are four Seasons, each consisting of three months, which also help divide the year up. These are split along rough agricultural divisions rather than intellectual ones, as they grew from the local folklore of the farmers before being accepted by the Churches.


Number of Days:
















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